Colours Dance Project 2017 Dancing for a good reason

Once again, Mercedes-Benz Bank supported the international dance festival COLOURS of Eric Gauthier as its main sponsor this year. At the end of the campaign on July 23, this resulted in total donations of 25,000 euros, which were doubled by Mercedes-Benz Bank.

Dancing is my life, dancing connects us all.

Eric Gauthier

More than 5,000 people participated this year in the dance project of Eric Gauthier. The task was: Either you could post a dance video of themselves on Dance for Good or simply dance along with the Erik Gauthier dance company at one of the Stuttgart events. Each "move" triggered off a donation of 5 euros. At the end of the project, there had been dancing to the tune of 50,000 euros, earmarked for a new integrative dance and theater project for people with disabilities.

The Colours Dance Project was created in order to dance with socially disadvantaged children and young people. The goal is to raise awareness for the positive effects of dance and theater and to give socially disadvantaged children and young people, as well as people with different abilities, a chance to take part in the educational dance and theater projects . A further aim is to show them that they can express themselves through their bodies and cope better with negative experiences in this way.

Let the negative feelings pass away when dancing together.

The 2016 Colours Project provided a valuable experience, especially for refugee children: Around 60 teenagers and young refugees presented the play "Identity – Dance your fears away" at the Stuttgart theater house. The creative group experience of dance and theater offered by the program strengthened the self-confidence of the participants and thus helped them to integrate more easily both socially and linguistically.

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