EY ALTER – Get to know yourself What does it mean to be too young and when will I be considered old?

What does it mean to be too young and when will I be considered old? What previously hidden abilities do I have to discover in myself? The interactive special event "EY ALTER - Find out about yourself," which can be seen at the Mercedes-Benz Museum until the end of June 2017, offers some answers and ideas on this.

Demographic change offers the opportunity to rethink things and do them differently. We should move away from the conventional ways of thinking in categories like "old" and "young" and use the chance to redefine and actively design the future and our attitudes toward age,

Heino Niederhausen, Head of Human Resources at the Mercedes-Benz Bremen Plant and project manager of the Demographics Initiative YES ("Young & Experienced together Successful")

The interactive public exhibition EY ALTER enables visitors to experience the chances offered by demographic change creatively with the aim of changing our attitudes toward age.

The visitors to the exhibition experience how relative and individual age is. Moreover, EY ALTER wants to do away with outdated images of old age. Age influences our thinking and our thinking determines age - this is the approach which EY ALTER takes and challenges the visitor with at the start: Decide - are you old or young? In four topic areas, the visitor experiences things that determine our ways of thinking about "old" and "young", where the personal potentials lie and how they can be put to use in intergenerational teams. At "Future Café" visitors can find out about the opportunities for redesigning the future of work, which are offered by demographic change. Interactive EY ALTER available digitally atwww.eyalter.com

EY ALTER and YES – The Demographics Initiative

The exhibition is a part of the cross-locational demographics initiative YES ("Young & Experienced together Success") at Daimler, which promotes successful work collaboration between young and experienced employees in the production organization.

We are banking on a corporate culture that sees demographic change as an opportunity. That's why we are reinventing work in production. This is an important step in the strategic reorientation of the worldwide production network of Mercedes-Benz Cars. People are the decisive success factor in our high performance organization

Markus Schäfer, Member of the Divisional Board of Management of Production and Supply Chain Management, Mercedes-Benz Cars

In addition, a demographics index has been developed and is being used at different passenger car locations. The demographics index is a tool that is used for the measurement of the static and theoretical development of populations and their structures with the aim of utilizing the opportunities offered by demographic change through targeted measures.

Most recently, in November 2016, Daimler received the Demographics Excellence Award in the area of "coaching and learning" for its project "Resource Learning Factory". The award is presented each year by the German Federal Association of Management Consultants and the German Demographics Network of companies and organizations to outstanding demographic projects with flagship attributes.

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