Theater Festival "Schöne Aussicht" 2016 Junges Ensemble Stuttgart Presents "Flugo!"

The Children and Youth Theater Festival Schöne Aussicht/Bright View took the stage once again in June. Daimler provided support to Junge Ensemble Stuttgart in presenting the theater event in its 10th year as an international festival and 16th year in Baden Württemberg .

The Swede Nalle Laanela, Rupesh Tillu from India and Stacey Sacks from Zimbabwe from the organization Clowns Without Borders spent months performing in the large refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon. From the impressions gathered there, they developed their performance "Flugo!" "Flugo!" reflects the situation in Jordan's crisis zone.

It takes place in an undefined location, one which appears both inviting and dangerous. The clowns see never-ending rows of white, anonymous tents, temporary homes for hundreds of thousands of Syrian children, young and old, fleeing from a terrible war.

"Flugo!" is inspired by the feelings, dreams and desires confronting the three clowns during their time spent in the shadow of the white tents of the Za’athari refugee camp. Together with the audience, they explore the situation, one shaped by isolation and the desire for freedom, they dream of happiness and search for a community. The audience is invited along to discover a new world at times frightening and at other times full of beauty and wonder.

Nalle Laanela is the artistic director of the project and also the founder of Clowns Without Borders in Sweden. Clowns Without Borders is an organization that sends clowns to crisis zones throughout the world to spread joy to people through their humor. Daimler provided their support to the program Schöne Aussicht/Bright View 2016 of Junges Ensemble Stuttgart and in particular to the project "Flugo!"with a donation of EUR 10,000.

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