Supporting the Anna Haag multi-generational house A barrier-free play area where everyone can join in

The Anna Haag multi-generational house in Stuttgart Bad Cannstatt was founded in 1951 and is the oldest of its kind in Germany. The charitable foundation is based on the idea of a large family and combines senior living, an educational facility for adults and young people with learning disabilities, and a childcare centre for children with and without disabilities. The focus is on inter-generational living for all ages.

A re-design of the external areas of the childcare centre is planned as part of a renovation project, and the new play area is based on the concept of the four elements: earth, water, fire and air. Each natural element will receive its own specific play and discovery zone, e.g. a climbing mound with integrated slide and an in-ground trampoline for 'earth'; equipment for water experiments and a dry river bed for 'water'; and a walk-through wind chime for 'air'. For 'fire', a fire pit will be created that can be used by the children together with their carers and parents. The plan is to create a connected area where the children can explore the various zones and splash around, try out balancing, see-saw, hide and climb.

As part of its corporate citizenship Daimler will cover €10,000.00 of the cost of equipment for the water zone in the play area. The goal is for the children to be able to start playing and exploring from the beginning of the 2015 'outdoor play season' – and finally have barrier-free access.

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