Daimler supports local school "Funky Kids" for Integration

The school band "Funky Kids", made up of eleven students from the Elise von König Community School in Stuttgart-Münster, is standing up to racism. Over the course of the school's annual sport and culture days, the music group developed a song that opposes racism and promotes integration.

"Here we make Music!" - on the picture the mobile sound studio where the song was born.

The song, with the title "Life is hopeful" was written by the students with the help of their class teacher, Domenica Fazio. They spent a long time rehearsing the song before recording it in the mobile recording studio of songwriter and producer Simon Rojas Soriano. Talented young singer Luigi Nardella, 11 years old, took on the role of lead singer, as well as the rap part. All the students involved thoroughly enjoyed working on their music project. After all, how often do you get the chance to "make proper music" and then to perform it professionally?

Luigi Nardella, 11, in action when performing the rap-part of the song

The highlight was the production of a music video, which allowed everyone involved to demonstrate their talent. But you can see for yourself what the kids from the music group at the Elise von König school managed to put together in just three days. Such effort and talent deserves encouragement, which is why Daimler is supporting the project with a donation to provide a new recording studio for the Elise von König Community School.

Download video to song "Life is hopeful"

Pupils that have been working together on the music video to the song "Life is hopeful":

Vocals: Ena 7, Victor 10 , Luigi 11, Michelle 11, Maria 12

Drums: Roko 10

Cajon: Marcel 9

Bongos: Enes 10

Guitars: Zoe 9, Deniz 9, Mark 10

Song lyrics "Life is hopeful"


Hey, guys, don't just look the other way

We all live here and want to stay

More love and peace we proffer, that's our offer

Verse 1

An end to war, an end to arms, an end to doing each other harm

Tolerance and acceptance are not about ignorance

Be wise, don't be a fool, you are just so wonderful

Don't get caught up in strife, or you'll mess up your whole life

Verse 2

Is there just one culture, no we all share mother nature

What we want is clear, a world to us all so dear

Heal the world, heal the world and make it a better place

Sing with us and listen well too, for racism is taboo!

Verse 3

With one another, for one another, that's the deal

You don't know how, no problem, follow me and see

A 'bonjour' an 'au revoir' is sometimes all it takes

Try being polite, try integration.

Hey, guys, don't just look the other way, listen to us, to us!

Every time I think about it

Every time I look around, life is what you make it, life is hopeful.

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