MedMobile New Mobile Doctor's Office For Patients

Thanks to numerous donations, it will be possible to keep providing social counseling and mobile medical treatment for people in need in Stuttgart. The project sponsors "Ärzte der Welt" (Doctors Of The World) and "Ambulante Hilfe" (Outpatient Assistance) organized a fund-raising campaign in conjunction with the City of Stuttgart. Daimler therefore participated in the campaign so that a new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter could be purchased. It will be used as a new MedMobile, mobile doctor's office, in the future.

A view inside the MedMobile - almost like a real doctor´s room

The new mobile doctor's office from Mercedes-Benz - equipped with a treatment couch, dressings, smaller treatment devices and over-the-counter medicines - will enable homeless and poor people in Stuttgart to continue using the MedMobil service. As part of a package of measures aimed at solving housing and homelessness problems, MedMobil has been offering this free, anonymous and unbureaucratic service since 2009. The MedMobil does its rounds up to seven times a week, calling in at daycare facilities for people with housing or homelessness problems and stationing itself in public places.

Not everybody has unrestricted access to the German health system, and structural and personal barriers often make it difficult to use the regular doctor's offices. Those affected often lack the required funds or have too many bureaucratic hurdles to overcome. Sometimes a fear of openly displayed rejection also plays a big part. To make it easier to contact these people, MedMobil is currently working in a network with 15 established doctor's offices in Stuttgart to assure adequate medical treatment for those who need it.

MedMobil facts and figures

MedMobil offered 292 consultation sessions in 2016, during which time there were 2,064 consultations including 422 first contacts. Compared with previous years, the trend is continuing to rise slightly. 27 voluntary staff - including doctors, nurses, interpreters and a bus warden - enable patients to receive medical attention. Three social workers and three assistants provide social counseling and coordinate the MedMobil service.

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