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It is essential for people to be integrated into the job market in order for them to feel that they belong. If you have financial means, it is easier to get involved in community life. By offering bridge internships, Daimler is providing a stepping stone into the German labor market. And with additional trainee positions for refugees, there is also an opportunity for selected candidates to start a career at Daimler.

Refugees who are highly likely to stay in Germany are given an insight into the company's working environment. This is the basis for implementing the bridge internship concept at all our sites in 2016.

Participants are selected by the German Federal Employment Agency and the local job centers. The internships run for 14 weeks. The working day is split equally between production work and German lessons (each 3.5 hours a day). The scheme was piloted at the Untertürkheim plant and has now also been rolled out at headquarters and at Daimler Financial Services for commercial and administrative departments.

The first six weeks are state-funded. For the next eight weeks, Daimler pays bridge interns the statutory minimum wage. The company covers the cost of the German lessons for the entire duration. At the end of the bridge internships, the interns should be put in touch with job centers and other companies.

The bridge interns are not in competition with the regular workforce. The aim is to make it easier for the interns, once they have completed their internships, to enter the German job market.

As a socially responsible organization, Daimler believes it has an obligation to help in this way, and is in a position to do more than many smaller and medium-sized businesses.

The Board of Management has agreed on an additional contingent of 50 trainee places, particularly for bridge interns with excellent language skills but also for other young refugees. They will be employed over a longer period.

In addition, Daimler is part of the German initiative "Wir zusammen" (in English "We together"). The initiative was founded by the German industry in 2016 and aims the social and professional integration of refugees. It offers a platform for a numerous of integration projects of companies. The following german tv spot campaigns the initiative:

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