Social integration and fundraising

As well as helping refugees integrate into the job market, Daimler is also helping with their integration into the community, and is supporting a number of aid programs. National aid programs cover a wide spectrum, from funding additional German lessons, such as those for 60 refugees at Gottlieb Daimler School in Sindelfingen, to helping to renovate housing for refugees. In addition, the company has made a 'helper fleet' of Mercedes-Benz vehicles available to aid organizations.

Since 2013, company and employee donations have helped to fund four aid convoys to refugee camps in southern Turkey. In addition, Daimler initiated immediate aid campaigns in 2015 to get help to refugees and asylum seekers quickly and with the minimum of bureaucracy. The company donated €1 million in emergency aid, for example, to the children's charity 'Bild hilft – Ein Herz für Kinder'. Every cent of this donation went directly into aid projects for refugee children. There was also an appeal for donations among company staff. The amount that was collected was doubled by Daimler and the money was donated to the German Red Cross for emergency aid for refugees.

Over the next three years, the company will make an annual contribution of €100,000 to the city of Stuttgart. The money is to be used to set up a 'welcome fund' for refugees through which additional trauma therapies, educational programs, and sport and leisure activities can be funded. In addition, the company is providing €25,000 to help with the staffing costs associated with setting up and coordinating the fund, and is donating two vans for the organization of refugee aid. €100,000 has been donated to the community foundation in Sindelfingen for projects concerned with the integration of newly arrived refugees.

Furthermore, many employees are making a difference at a personal level by helping to house refugees, helping them to deal with the authorities, giving German lessons themselves, or helping refugees integrate into local clubs and societies.

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