The needle in the haystack

"Urgently seeking stem cell donors!", "Life saver identified", "Stem cell for life" … various headings – so many appeals with a shared goal, to save a life.

Finding a suitable donor is not easy. There are more than 10,000 different parameters to match until a suitable donor, i.e. a genetic twin, is identified.

Daimler supports its employees in the hunt for suitable stem cell donors, rallying for people to register or searching for donors via the Daimler intranet Employee Portal together with DKMS ("Deutsche Knochenmarkspenderdatei", the German bone marrow donor register). A donor was identified for the son of one of our employees just a month after the search was launched.

Daimler employees are also more than happy to be donors.

Become a genuine life saver, it's easy! Anyone can register with the DKMS onlineand become a potential life-saver in three simple steps. Use the link to request the online registration set and receive a cotton bud for a cheek swab. Simply return it together with the signed documents. The laboratory and DKMS analyze the tissue characteristics, add the new donor to the register, and send them their DKMS donor card.

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