Less Plastic Waste at "Praia Grande" Beach

In June 2017 employees at Mercedes-Benz Portugal organized an environmental project: they cleaned "Praia Grande" beach in Sintra, Portugal. Volunteers helped clear the beach of plastic waste, cans, and any other garbage.

Portugal, in the small town of Sintra, 25 km West of Lisbon, Praia Grande: tackling the issue was the mission at the Mercedes-Benz Portugal beach clean-up. Volunteers were actively supported by 14 refugees from Syria, Sudan, and Iraq, as well as 25 youths from Brazil, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, and Cape Verde. A truly international project. Instructors told beach clean-up teams what to do and split up over 60 helpers in teams of two. Equipped with gloves and massive garbage bags they cleared plastic waste to make the beach a little cleaner. All in all, volunteers collected 20 kilograms of garbage.

After finishing the clean-up, the heterogeneous, international team was also given the opportunity to attend different workshops, learn new things, and have fun together. And our big team grew into a kind of family on this day, having plenty of fun. Once again, solid proof of the positive energy a shared experience can release.

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