Repaying Society With Kindness Employee Commitment in Dubai

Daimler employees all over the world get involved in social projects and help other people. Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East (MBC ME) and Daimler Commercial Vehicles MENA (DCV MENA) give an insight into their numerous activities and all-year-round commitment in the local area.

Supporting aid organizations and tackling problems – it's all a matter of course for staff at MBC ME and DCV MENA. The workforce supports or organizes charity campaigns all year round.

Soccer for charity: Team "Daimler"

One example of this is participation in a soccer tournament for charity. In February 2016, the Al Noor Training Center for Children with Special Needs staged a two-day fun fair. In addition to soccer games, there were a wide range of other activities for the whole family as well as a number of performances. The goal: To collect donations to cover the organization's annual running costs and maintain the center's performance levels. Al Noor has been nurturing children with special needs since 1981, helping them to fulfill their potential.

As well as taking part in sports, the employees also supported this good cause by selling raffle tickets. Visitors to the event donated a total equivalent to some € 170,000.

Employees at the bazar.

Office becomes bazaar

Since 2014, every year in December the Daimler offices in Dubai are being transformed into a bazaar. The aforementioned Al Noor Training Center comes to sell a range of hand-made products, including key rings, cups and bags. The Center uses the proceeds from these sales to cover its running costs.

Social commitment as part of the daily work routine

Over and above this, DCV MENA and MBC ME have long had close ties with the Dubai Centre for Special Needs (DCSN). This non-profit organization has been teaching students who suffer from a range of impairments for more than 30 years. MBC ME as well as DCV MENA have on several occasions called upon their workforce to support the Center. To incorporate this commitment into the daily work routine, there are class timetables in which the employees can enter their names. Voluntary work here counts as working hours.

Martin Hepp, Internal Communications, describes his duties at the DCSN:

“It has been the fourth time that I have been given the chance to spend a working day volunteering at the Dubai Centre for Special Needs. Every lesson has been very well prepared by the different teachers and you could feel that they really care about the advancement of their students with various disabilities - enhancing their physical, mental, academic and emotional well-being. Throughout all classes I had the feeling that I could make a vital contribution by supporting individual students in the class room or by helping the art teacher and her class to prepare the center’s annual concert stage design. It is great that we as Daimler are able to actively make a difference and give back to our community. All visits at the DCSN felt extremely rewarding and I encourage all my colleagues to engage in this enriching program.”

Be proactive

Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East and Daimler Commercial Vehicles MENA initiate their own campaigns as well as supporting charity events or organizations. One example of this is the Ramadan Initiative in July 2016, during which the workforce collected around € 3,500. These donations financed the purchase of almost 1,800 iftar packages, which were then distributed by the employees to people in need.

In addition to this, trainees and employees organized a sports day in cooperation with the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children in October 2015. The event was held at a non-profit shelter for women and children who have been victims of domestic violence, abuse or human trafficking. The sports day helped the victims take their minds off their traumatic past for a short while at least. This event will be repeated on an annual basis, next sports day to be hosted on 22 Oct 2016.

A blood donation campaign staged by the employees in 2015 resulted in the collection of 13.5 liters of blood for the Dubai Blood Donation Center. In August 2014 the employees were able to donate 17.1 litres to the Dubai Blood Donation Center. The next blood donation drive will take place in November 2016.

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