Volunteers' Day at EvoBus

In September 2016 EvoBus participated in a Volunteers' Day organized by the Rhein-Neckar metropolitan region. Around 25 employees used some of their leisure time on a Saturday to revamp the Erlenhof adventure playground.

Employees in front of the new target practice goal.

Under the motto, "We'll get it done" participants helped set up soccer goals, a climbing wall, and a target practice area. Employees extended the height of the installed climbing path by 1.5 meters. Appropriate for the division, the new target practice goal was designed in the shape of a bus and was given a painted Mercedes-Benz star. In addition, gardening also took up large parts of the day's activities. One group was responsible for planting and trimming trees, plants and bushes.

The adventure playground which is supervised by professional teaching staff forms a part of the Erlenhof youth club. Around 120 children come to the playground every day. The EvoBus plant is only three kilometers away. "We are active in the immediate environment of our locations in order to promote the exercise of our social responsibility", explained Hartmut Schick, head of Daimler Buses. "We have been based in Mannheim for over a century and have always maintained a good relationship between the plant and our neighbors.

Participating in this event benefits not only the Erlenhof adventure playground. "Thanks to the Volunteers' Day, we also get the opportunity to work with our colleagues in a different setting. I am particularly delighted about the colorful mix of employees from all hierarchical levels of our plant", said Schick. He himself also took an active part in the event.

At Daimler Buses, social responsibility is deeply rooted in the sustainability strategy. The strategy with the motto: "Arrive today. Think about tomorrow." includes different aspects: from employees' satisfaction levels to vehicles' fuel efficiency and the promotion of ethical conduct.

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