Out and About with a Paintbrush

In the fall of 2015, 34 employees taken from throughout the Connectivity project team at Mercedes-Benz Vans took up paintbrushes and hammers to help the "meseno-Elsa-Sitter-Stiftung"and "ARKUS-Arbeits-Kultur und Selbsthilfe GmbH" in Heilbronn renovate rooms for young people.

"To start with no-one could really imagine what was meant by a 'socially aware' meeting" said Sarah Turzer from the Connectivity project. "But once the first bits of information had been distributed and it became clear that we were doing something for children, everyone became excited. Regardless of whether it was renovating, stripping, clearing, painting, building shelves or soccer goals, sorting games, crafting, redesigning a playground etc., there was something for everyone and everyone did what they enjoyed the most".

This fall the team for the entire Project House would once again like to tackle something. Because this shared day outside the office had a noticeable positive impact on the working environment afterwards.

This intervention by Mercedes-Benz Vans involved helping two important social projects for children and families at the same time.

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