Portugal, Pena Park and Pseudotsugas Tree planting for the environment

Severe storms have destroyed over 2000 trees in Portugal's Pena National Park. Staff from Mercedes-Benz Portugal have now planted 200 new trees, making a valuable contribution towards reforestation.

Some 40 volunteers from Mercedes-Benz Portugal traveled to the Pena National Park aboard two buses in late January 2017. The park is a popular tourist attraction near Lisbon and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995. Two severe storms in 2013 and 2015 destroyed about 2000 trees. To help the park maintain its splendor, the Daimler staff planted a total of 200 Douglas fir trees, also known as the Douglas spruce or the coast Douglas fir.

"Planting the trees in the national park gave me great pleasure. I think it's great that Mercedes-Benz Portugal is so committed to sustainability and helping the local community. Our newly planted trees reduce CO2 emissions and provide a habitat for animals," says Namisha Raithatha. She works at Mercedes-Benz Portugal for 8 years now.

The tree-planting campaign is just one of the ways in which the sales location displays its commitment to sustainability. The previous social responsibility action was cleaning a local beach.

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