Clear the stage! Raise the curtain! Turn the oven on!– Daimler employees get to work.

In April 2016, employees from engine production helped out at a home for refugees in Stuttgart-Hofen.

To get to know each other better, the team from engine production in Untertürkheim exchanged their safety shoes for rubber boots. On three days, a group of nine employees, each, worked at the refugee home side by side with refugees and friends of the Hofen facility. The men and women had a lot to do. In addition to the climbing wall and swings, the work list also included a stage and baking oven were. Despite the bad weather and the piles of mud, they worked for hours on end.

Matthias Strackbein comes from Quality Assurance. This time, the team leader tot to swing the shovel and set stone on stone. He really had fun helping. "I find this to be a great project and an exciting task, not least because we were not left to our own resources for very long." Everyone came together quickly, there was no sign of reticence or fear of strangers. Strackbein was impressed by a master carpenter from Ghana: "He just carried the U-concrete slabs for the stage foundation by himself." The other helpers also worked with great energy. All of the participants had no problems understanding each other. The language heard on the "construction site" there was a mix of German and English. And when the communication got stuck – hands and feet came into play.

A metal frame was needed for the stage. That meant carrying heavy metal and a lot of sweat. "This is a lot of fun, but I'll definitely be feeling my back in the evening. For me, it's also a good opportunity to do something for the refugees", said Thomas Hoffmann, team leader in engine assembly. The activity strengthened the cohesion in the department. "We got to know each other in a different light, because things are much more personal here", said Philipp Eckstein, an intern in mechanical production.

Of course, the kids really liked the new swings and the climbing wall the best. The construction work was completed in May 2016. The residents then fired up the oven for the first time in a "get-together party" for residents and visitors.

Daimler is using social projects as a team development possibility with increasing frequency. Under the term of "Corporate Volunteering" ten social projects have already been realized thus far in 2016 in Germany alone. According to the current status, five more projects are planned for the rest of the year.

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