The scent of flowers instead of office air Employees support youth village

In April 2016 it was off to the garden for 40 IT employees from the Mercedes-Benz Wörth plant and Daimler in Stuttgart. They improved an outdoor area and built a frame for bicycles in the Christian youth villages in Neustadt and Germersheim.

Instead of a company outing or an outdoor seminar, as a measure to improve teamwork an IT department opted for a social project. The department is divided between the locations in Stuttgart and Wörth. To get to know each other better, the employees worked on nine projects in groups for a day.

In Neustadt, the IT specialists cleaned the terrace, set up a flower bed, built a nest swing as well as a carport and repaired a billiard table. The Christian youth village in Neustadt is home to seven young mothers and their children as well as nine minor refugees. The carport is not used for a car. Kids' bicycles, rollers, three-wheelers and bobbycars can now be parked here.

In Germersheim, the employees renovated a leisure room and made mobile separating walls for it, built a grill hut and a new fire pit from natural sandstone. This youth village is home to an in-house group of borderline patients. Borderline is an emotionally unstable personality disorder.

Intern Martin Christ also got involved. The 24-year old, who is studying information management, can spend six months working in the department. "Today, you could meet colleagues you hadn't met and had only spoken to on the phone. That's important for the personal relationships" he said. Andreas Gerbig, one of the organizers, is also proud: "I am happy that we were able to motivate colleagues and managers for the first social project as part of our departmental workshop. This special form of team building not only promoted better familiarity and collaboration within the department, but also supported two charitable institutions with our work, and in so doing made an active contribution to society. I think that's great".

The groups reconvened in Germersheim at the end of the day in order to celebrate the successful implementation of the projects with the residents and staff of the youth village. Muscle power and sweat wasn't the only thing the team invested:the necessary materials were also financed by Daimler's donations unit.

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