Taiwan: Broad CSR Engagement

For Mercedes-Benz Taiwan, corporate responsibility is a matter of course. For many years now the Daimler employees have initiated various activities aimed at protecting the environment more and improving society.

StarDreams is the name of one of the five areas of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan's sustainability program. The name says it all: the aim is to make dreams come true. The employees brought smiles to the faces of almost 30,000 through various partnerships and events.

The calendar cover was designed by Daimler employees.

One of the activities is the annual "Calendar Bazaar" sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Taiwan. The event gives children the opportunity to let their creativity run free and put their dreams to paper. The best pictures are then turned into calendars. The proceeds from selling the calendars are donated to the Eden Social Welfare foundation. In recent years this money has gone to support around 800 disadvantaged children and schools in remote rural areas. In 2016 the employees got busy with brushes and pens themselves. They worked together to design the cover of the calendar and various "thank you" cards.

As part of "StarDreams" the sales organization also got involved in a project aimed at preserving and/or restoring the indigenous nature. Large parts of Taiwan have had to be reconstructed following a number of natural disasters and their consequences in recent years. Hurricane winds of more than 300 km/h and heavy rains have destroyed nature and houses alike. Mercedes-Benz Taiwan committed to a five-year plan involving the planting of more than 10,000 indigenous trees in order to offset more than 10,000 tons of CO2.

In order to spread some happiness among disadvantaged children at Christmas, the employees of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan visited a remote school and gave gift boxes to 83 children

The response to Mercedes-Benz Taiwan's involvement has been good. In 2016 the politics and business-related CommonWealth Magazine bestowed two awards on the location. Mercedes-Benz Taiwan won the Golden Service Award for meeting four out of seven success factors: customer satisfaction, service environment, service conduct and service originality. Mercedes-Benz Taiwan also received the CommonWealth CSR Award. In the field of environmental protection the location came first in the "Foreign Enterprises" category.

The other core elements of Mercedes-Benz Taiwan's sustainability strategy include HR development, an attractive work environment and compliance.

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