Nature and Environment in Untertürkheim Daimler employees take commitment to preserve vineyards

The vineyards of Untertürkheim have developed into a genuine tourist attraction in recent decades. The sunny walking tours with a panoramic view over Stuttgart-Untertürkheim and the Rothenberg hill, as well as the traditional winegrowing, are very popular among lovers of nature and wine alike.

In the early summer of 2015, the paths through the vineyards were restored by an army of volunteers from the Mercedes-Benz Vans business unit as part of divisional event. The purpose of the event was to preserve and improve the flora and fauna while also improving the appearance of the historical walking paths. Among other things, walls were erected for lizards, benches were set up at viewpoints and along the paths, small biotopes were created, notices were installed at the relevant viewpoints such as on the Mönchberg hill in Untertürkheim, and a viewing platform was constructed. With their involvement, Daimler's employees made a substantial contribution to preserving the culture-rich vineyards.

Daimler has attached great value to promoting the conservation of nature and the environment at its production facilities and their surroundings for many years. A large number of national and international projects have already been implemented as a result, with the support of employees' social involvement.

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