Daimler supports Markus-Haus, Dusseldorf Returning to normal life after addiction

Addiction overcome but no place to live? In Markus-Haus in Dusseldorf, Diakonie Düsseldorf helps individuals with their social rehabilitation. The former addicts can develop new perspectives and prepare for independent living. Daimler supports Markus-Haus as part of its ProCent initiative.

Together we are strong, together we can make it

Together the residents of Diakonie's Markus-Haus in Dusseldorf live under one roof. Markus-Haus residents have conquered their addictions and are facing their next big step: reintegration into society. In this very peaceful and safe environment they develop new perspectives and prepare for independent living on their own.

For many of them, Markus-Haus serves as home for up to 18 months. The recovering addicts are supported by staff from Diakonie Düsseldorf, whose main task is preparing them to cope again with "normal" life. One of the daily activities is cooking. In order to expand the options available and also to keep in contact with the immediate neighborhood and former residents, the current residents have requested an outdoor grill. As part of the ProCent initiative Daimler and its employees have donated 3200 euros to Markus-Haus staff. These funds can be used to grant the residents' wish and provide them with a grill. The 26 men and women who currently live in Markus-Haus must first lay the brickwork for the grill area and then build the outdoor barbecue together. It should then be finished by the start of the 2017 barbecue season.

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