Kinder- und Jugendhilfe Bremen Experiencing family and togetherness

Kinder- und Jugendhilfe Stiftung Bremen (KJSH) is a sponsoring foundation that has provided support for children and teenagers in difficult family situations for many years. It’s an umbrella association that unites various local organizations all over Germany. One of them is Kinder- und Jugendhilfe Verbund Bremen, an organization that offers support for children and teenagers.

Many children who are having problems in their families look for outside support in vain and have no means of orientation. This is where the concept behind Kinder- und Jugendhilfe comes in. For over 20 years it has been offering customized support services on a drop-in, partly residential, and residential basis. Through various types of support, children and teenagers learn how to stand on their own two feet while also staying in contact and dialogue with their own families. The organization’s employees try to give the children and teenagers a kind of family life that they are not experiencing at home. In many cases, their families provide no sense of harmony and togetherness.

Some of the children and teenagers are therefore taken in by the organization, where they live in an arrangement that is similar to a family, in a residential group with an alternating set of residential youth workers. Each child has his or her own room as a private retreat, but there are also common rooms where everyone can meet to plan group activities or just enjoy sitting together. The roomy old villa in a northeastern district of Bremen has enough space for six children and teenagers. There are many leisure facilities nearby, but the group can also spend time together in the villa’s large garden with a terrace. In the summer, they make regular canoeing trips in the vicinity of Bremen. The program has been very well received. That’s why it’s being expanded so that even more children and teenagers can benefit from it in the future. Daimler is supporting the project through its ProCent initiative with a donation of €3,200, which will be used to purchase two Canadian canoes, two paddles, and group tents.

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