Child Protection Center Stuttgart Help for the littlest ones – the zupf.t project

The Child Protection Center Stuttgart provides preventive services for parents who feel overwhelmed by their offspring in everyday life. They are often stressed and don't know the right way to deal with their children. That is where the "zupf.t" project comes in. Each letter stands for an objective to be achieved together with the parents: z for zugehend, the German word for reaching out, u unterstützend for supportive, p for preventive, f for früh or early, and t for therapeutic.

Parents and their children three years and younger can let go at "zupf.t" and will be picked up again. For mothers, there is for example therapeutic consulting in the form of individual or group meetings to allow them to work out their problems and bad childhood memories in peace. During that time, the children are in the care of experienced teachers. The group meets once a week, with the group size being kept deliberately small to enable the teachers to address the individual questions of the mothers in optimal fashion.

A play corner for the kids

They also have the opportunity to learn relaxation techniques so as to better handle the stress of everyday life. For many mothers from difficult social backgrounds, the conversations with other women in the group are the first friendly contact in a long time.

In the long term, these measures are to enable the children to grow up in good physical and mental health. The goal is to spare them from having to witness at home how violence and despair dominate life. The program reached about 50 families last year. Daimler supports the work in the zupf.t project and the establishment of a play area for the littlest ones with a donation of 5,200 euros.

Cinema spot about the work of the Child Protection Center Stuttgart

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