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In 1982 Prof. Niethammer, then Head of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at the University Hospital in Tübingen, founded a charity organisation together with 26 parents to help children with cancer. Today nine employees are employed by the charity at its houses where the families of children with cancer can live during treatment. There are now two houses, the Family House and the Parents' House.

During the period of cancer treatment at the University Hospital in Tübingen, Mom and Dad always want to be close to their little ones. To support them and encourage them. This is all very difficult if they are not in the same place. This is why the stated aim of Verein zur Förderung krebskranker Kinder e.V. is to provide support and respite for affected families by giving them and their sick children optimum care. The Parents' House, also known as the José Carreras House, has 12 rooms and overnight accommodation for 36, several kitchens and a spacious and homely living and dining room.

View at the roof terrace

On the top floor there is a roof terrace with a view over the town of Tübingen. This roof terrace is part of the ProCent project. It is a place of peace and reflection and helps the parents relax after the daily visits to their children in the clinic. To enjoy the moment mindfully and thus shed some of the stress they are constantly under. Spending time in the open air also compensates for the long days in the closed rooms of the clinic. The roof terrace is designed to be a meeting place for the families of the affected children. ProCent is donating € 4600 for the terrace, and this will go to installing protection against sun, rain and wind.

Charity organisation for helping childern with cancer in Tübingen

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