Downtime for parents The Kupferhof in Hamburg

Imagine you had a child with multiple disabilities and were unable to find any disability-friendly accommodation nearby to give the family a few hours of downtime. That's exactly the situation in which two family men found themselves in 2008. They therefore founded the association "Hände für Kinder" (Hands for Children) and opened the Kupferhof facility in Hamburg.

Noah Schumann's monitor alarm goes off up to ten times a night. His parents hardly get any sleep. Even during the daytime, they spend all their time caring for and looking after their severely disabled son, which sometimes makes his healthy siblings feel they're missing out. The longing for a day off increases all the time.

Father Steffen Schumann therefore joined forces with another father in the same situation to found the support association "Hände für Kinder" (Hands for Children) in 2008. The goal was to create a place where parents could leave their handicapped children in capable hands and get some relaxation themselves without having a guilty conscience. They found a suitable location at the start of 2012: a former seminar building in Hamburg became the "Kupferhof" (copper yard) - a temporary home for children with severe disabilities.

The Kupferhof has made a point of working together with pedagogical experts to encourage the sustainable integration of these children into the family and society. The goal is to:

  • Promote identity and personality development as well as the acceptance of disabilities
  • Strengthen families by helping to relieve their stressful situations
  • Support independence as well as impart skills for coping with everyday problems.

A stove is one example of the new kitchen equipment.

Today "Hände für Kinder" looks after up to twelve severely disabled children at any one time for between seven days and a maximum of four weeks. Parents and siblings do not necessarily have to absent themselves. They also have the option of spending their vacation at the Kupferhof. Activities at the center include baking, arts & crafts, farm visits, and games. In addition to this, the Kupferhof kitchen staff cook four times a day for the children, their families and the staff, preparing 200 meals a day on average. Unfortunately, the kitchen is poorly equipped. There is no cupboard, no stove and no spray wash arm.

Daimler ProCent has therefore donated € 3800 to purchase the necessary kitchen equipment.

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