Daimler supports "Springs of Hope Children's Home" Daimler ProCent Initiative

Independent living with equal opportunities and access to social, medical, economic and cultural facilities is an orphanage's vision for homeless children.

The "Springs of Hope Children’s Home" orphanage was founded by Kenyan Grace Kiboi. She wanted to create a place for "homeless" children whose parents have died from AIDS. The children had been begging on the streets in the small town of Maralal in northern Kenya. Grace Kiboi was moved by their circumstances, and wanted to give them a new home and prospects for the future.

At first a simple building that was more like a stop-gap was converted into a home. A children's home with a canteen and kitchen, hand-washing area and storage room was well as a covered veranda. The canteen also functions as a living room, where the children can spend time and do their homework, hold meetings, put on dances and pursue other activities. The orphans, whose ages range from 1.5 to 17 years, also receive medical care and support with school and learning at the home in addition to food and clothing. This early support has already given many children a new lease on life.

2015 was a year of very little rain. It was not possible to cultivate anything for people's own requirements in the fields, and the home's water supply was at risk. A dedicated well should help in this respect. The well project was initiated and also implemented with the support of International Aid Services (IAS) Germany e.V. based in the town of Markgröningen. The first drill already found water at a depth of 140 meters.

ProCent is supporting the project with 15,000 euros for the construction of a water tower and a solar panel for the water pump.

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