Murgtal: climbing stairs made easy Daimler ProCent is pleased to support Murgtal-Werkstätten

Stairs can become a major obstacle if an illness or disability means you can't manage them unaided.

Three steps here, another two there... getting up and down stairs is no problem at all if you don't have a disability or mobility issue; you hardly even notice they're there. However, for people with mobility problems stairs are often a major obstacle, and one that has to be overcome in order to get through everyday situations independently.

One of the aids available to wheelchair users comes in the form of a portable stair climber. It can be attached to the wheelchair when required and enables the attendant to tackle any flight of stairs without too much physical effort. Modern stair climbers have automatic safety brakes which come on at the edge of every step to ensure greater safety. With the aid of the portable stair climber, wheelchair users can get to meetings or make visits they would otherwise be forced to miss due to a lack of wheelchair access in the building.

Daimler ProCent is pleased to support Murgtal-Werkstätten und Wohngemeinschaften in Gaggenau with a donation of 6000 euros to fund the purchase of a portable stair climber.

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