Le traceur – he who traces a path

ProCent is helping the Turngemeinde Germania Ötigheim 1907 e.V. gymnastics club acquire mobile elements for a parkour facility. Ötigheim is building southern Germany's first publically accessible facility for the popular sport.

Le traceur – he who traces a path

Parkour is the art of getting around efficiently, and originated in France. The focus is on flowing, controlled movements, requiring the utmost concentration from the practitioner (le traceur). The aim is to get from A to B as efficiently as possible using your own body's capabilities. The runners make their own paths through urban or natural spaces. This highly physical sport requires conditioning and coordination, creativity, boldness and good self-awareness.

Ötigheim Gymnastics Club wants to use parkour to incorporate elements such as running, balancing, twisting, jumping, landing, shimmying and climbing in children's and youth sport. The mobile elements (cubes) can be used to construct various obstacles, building the youngest gymnasts up to the difficult elements step by step.

ProCent is donating € 4,400 to help Ötigheim Gymnastics Club purchase the mobile elements.

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