New look for Pfarrer-Johann-Schiller House in Wörth Creating a little bit of home

The Pfarrer-Johann-Schiller House in Wörth offers senior citizens with dementia this second "home". The house is decorated with familiar photo motifs in order to give the senior citizens orientation.

People with dementia lack a sense of orientation, and long for home, for their familiar surroundings. Nearly 65% of the residents at the Pfarrer-Johann-Schiller House in Wörth have a diagnosis of dementia. They of all people need to feel at home.

And this is precisely where Daimler's ProCent project comes in. It includes all of the residents. However the main focus is on the seniors with dementia. The idea is that the inside of the Pfarrer-Johann-Schiller House is decorated with motifs which the residents recognize from their familiar surroundings to help them feel at home.

Some residents of Pfarrer-Johann-Schiller House

From a therapeutic point of view, too, this makes the home's environment more stimulating and promotes memories of happy times gone by. Disorientated residents are cared for according to the method of validation developed by the American gerontologist Naomi Feil. This involves constantly reinforcing the residents' feeling of self-worth and trying to restore some of their quality of life. To promote their abilities and stimulate their senses.

This is also the aim of the ProCent project. In total 88.45 square meters of photo wallpaper are being professionally applied to the walls by a specialist company. ProCent is donating 2800 euros for implementing the project.

Link to the Provincial Association for Inner Mission in the Palatinate

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