Urschel Foundation

" …Willing is not enough; we must do" (Goethe) is the motto of Nagold's Urschel foundation, established in 2007 by 40 residents and business people in the German town of Nagold. The name gives away the purpose of the foundation.

The name gives away the purpose of the foundation. The eponymous "Wüschte Urschel" is said to have been an unassuming count's daughter who lived at Hohen-Nagold castle in the Middle Ages and helped the town's poor and sick.

The Urschel foundation sees itself as an altruistic link in work to address social challenges in Nagold. In this process, the foundation operates in the fields of education, youth work, integration, elderly care, culture, and environmental protection.

For this purpose, the town of Nagold has made available a range of facilities in Nagold's first "Castle Center". Rooms can be arranged as required. Flexible partitions, installed between the meeting rooms and office space, are perfect for this kind of task. Opening up the meeting rooms makes it possible to plan larger events and allows the use of the overall space as an open-plan meeting point.

ProCent and Daimler supported the Urschel foundation with financial assistance for the purchase of the partition walls.

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