Reflection Room Daimler ProCent is pleased to support the Vivantes hospice

"Dying is a part of living." It's a guiding principle that the Vivantes hospice in Berlin-Tempelhof is fully committed to.

Reflection Room

People in the final stages of life need the best possible care and support.

The Vivantes hospice provides palliative care for terminally ill patients as they reach the end of their lives. Patients, their close families and other relatives and friends are given support, counseling, assistance and medical care. The aim is to maintain the patient's quality of life in accordance with their wishes and requests and, if possible, to improve it.

Now the hospice has refurbished its Reflection Room with a seating area and a small bureau for messages of condolence. It is a special room for tranquil contemplation, prayers and meditation. It offers relatives the opportunity to receive individual support to help them through their situation, giving due regard to their faith and cultural traditions.

Daimler ProCent is pleased to fund the purchase of the suite of chairs and the bureau with a donation of 650 Euros.

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