Understanding and tolerance

Daimler supports the Jerusalem Foundation and the Adam Institute in sustainable commitment for peaceful coexistence in the multifaceted community of Jerusalem.

Nowhere is community life more colorful and divided than in Jerusalem. In Israel and in the Palestinian Autonomous Area the three monotheistic religions (Jews, Christians and Muslims) live alongside one another.

All citizens should be able to participate in the community life of the city of Jerusalem,

Teddy Kollek

was the greatest wish of the former Mayor (1965 – 1989) of the city of Jerusalem Teddy Kollek. With this goal in mind, he set up the Jerusalem Foundation in 1966. It aims to bring together all citizens from all social strata and religions.

With the Foundation Teddy Kollek wants to provide the impetus for learning together. Over the last 50 years lots of projects have developed and form a permanent offering.

Together with the Adam Foundation, the Jerusalem Foundation has started the "Education Toward Tolerance" project. They educate teachers and multipliers in peace-building training topics.

The Jerusalem education system consists of several schools (public, semi-private, secular and religious, Jewish and Arab). The aim of "Education Toward Tolerance" here is to bring the children together with cross-school projects. To learn tolerance of others.

The educational program is already running in lots of kindergartens/preschools and has met with an excellent response. Further kindergartens and schools are to follow. It is a route to community life with one another and not alongside one another.

For being open to the world and being tolerant are two important foundation stones of Daimler's corporate culture. As a corporate group with global operations, we therefore support projects and institutions that promote intercultural dialog in the interest of mutual understanding and the peaceful coexistence of cultures.

Daimler has been supporting the Jerusalem Foundation for many years. Already in 2013 Daimler came to help the Jerusalem Foundation and the Jerusalem Intercultural Center in the Mount Zion area of Jerusalem with the project "Emergency Response Network."

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