Genius Teachers get fit on Technology Matters

In six years Genius, the MINT educational initiative from Daimler, has staged 50 seminars for teachers throughout Germany, in which 3000 of them have taken part. In January 2017 has been held the Kick-Off at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Hamburg for the first of in total twelve teacher educational seminars.

This year Genius has taken up the theme of the "Networked World" in its latest miniature assembly kit. It is possible to reproduce the circuitry of a driving assistance system or an automatic start/stop system, for instance, that is absolutely true to the original. The teachers hugely enjoyed being able to try things out with the Genius teaching materials. See here a video concerning that topic:

The skills and experience of the teachers and our engineers, as well as the didactic expertise of our publishing partner KlettMINT, have all contributed to the development of the teaching materials.

Simone König, head of the Genius program

The pupils subsequently benefit from the newly-acquired knowledge of their teachers which particularly affects the traditional "MINT" subjects (Math, IT, Natural Sciences and Technology). Today, studies abound that show children's and young people's interest in technical topics is waning and they forecast an increasing shortfall in the numbers of MINT workers in the future.

Teachers explore the Wind tunnel experimentation set

This year again, approximately 1000 teachers will take advantage of the wide-ranging Genius program. This includes working with assembly kits, workbooks, drive blades and information on other topics such as design, aerodynamics and manufacturing technology. The teachers can try out for themselves the "Wind Tunnel Phenomenon" here.

A functional mini wind tunnel: dry ice is used to make the air currents visible. To ensure the vapor streams evenly in one direction, it is conducted through a shutter-like airlock. Pupils can test the air resistance of self-built polystyrene models in the wind tunnel they have constructed.

Additional teacher workshops on the exciting topic of the "Networked World" will shortly be taking place in Gaggenau, Düsseldorf and Munich, amongst other venues. Would you like to find out more about the Genius teaching materials or about the seminars for teachers? Just click on this website address: Genius lab for teachers

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