Fangio Technical School MB Argentina places third

In November 2016, the 5th edition of the ECO Student Championship took place in the center of the town of Tigre. This is a national competition in which several educational institutions participate.

In this championship, students build a zero emission vehicle based on a set of strict rules. They combine education with ecology, maintaining values of sustainability, sports and friendship among them.

The objective: to include the care of the environment and investigation of environmentally friendly means of transport in educational programs in schools and educational entities around the whole country. Students are to be taught basic knowledge in environmental protection, and integrated learning is to be promoted within the framework of the championship. The design and building process of vehicles serves to impart knowledge in science, mathematics and engineering.

Mercedes-Benz Argentina was present through a team of students from their most important educational project, the Fangio Foundation Technical School. After two days of racing, the school achieved third place thanks to their great performance in every stage.

The Fangio Foundation Technical School, a private elementary and technical school, promotes equal opportunity and access to knowledge for socially disadvantaged children. The school has been providing free education since 1962 and currently has 220 students. It is considered one of the best company-supported schools in the country. The students receive an integral education and technical qualification based on the values of respect, integrity, passion and discipline. The graduates are to be integrated into the labor market or to continue their education at secondary schools.

Also in November, Mercedes-Benz Argentina received the “Ciudadanía Empresaria” sustainability award. This award recognizes companies with a sustainability-oriented management and that have processes, products and services in line with this concept.

The commitment to sustainability at Mercedes-Benz Argentina also includes support for cultural initiatives, sustainable mobility and education.

An example of this is the company's carpooling service Teneslugar ( Its goals are to promote sustainable mobility in large cities, reduce traffic as well as CO2 emissions in the city and to relieve traffic as a whole. Any company can join for free so that their employees can share rides to and from the workplace. This service is already used by eight other companies in Argentina.

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