Actively growing old Daimler ProCent supports senior citizens' meetings

Being active and taking part in public life are important aspects to promote health in senior years and to cheerfully shape everyday life.

Senior citizens' meetings therefore offer diverse offerings for citizens of advanced years.Apart from educational and hobby courses and events, breakfast get-togethers, coffee sessions, day outings and trips as well as yoga and relaxation courses are also on offer.

The association Treffpunkt Älterwerden e.V. was founded in 1998.Senior citizens in Hamburg-Harburg have the opportunity to build up contacts. The association also offers joint leisure activities. Everybody is welcome, irrelevant of nationality and religion. Migrants also frequent the meeting center and take German classes at the Adult Education Center, which is located there, too.

The meeting center is located in one of the focal points of Hamburg, the Phoenix district.On account of intensive use, it is necessary to increase the number of seats in the recreation room by 12.The kitchen used to prepare communal meals urgently requires a new cooker.

Within the context of its employee commitment campaign ProCent, Daimler is helping to purchase the 12 chairs and a built-in cooker with a donation of € 1,500.

Seniors Get-Together e.V. Hamburg

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