Education Center in Africa A House for Children in Ghana

Child mortality is still very high in West Africa on account of the impoverished living conditions. Many families and children lack opportunities to escape poverty. There are shortages of housing, regular meals and educational opportunities.

The classroom gets a new design

The Nkwadaa fie organization was founded in Germany in 2010 in order to help the Gahnaian NGO LoszuGhana Association build and maintain the Loszu Ghana Children´s Village. The purpose of this children's village is to improve the living conditions for children in Ghana. Social support and adequate schooling are to offer children the chance of a better future.

Seven houses have so far been made fully habitable. In addition to meeting the children's basic needs, the support offered includes afternoons of games and reading, as well as help with homework. The new education center will also offer writing and language courses that will be open to villagers as well. Some of the support will be provided by international volunteers. The services are for the most part financed by donations.

Daimler is contributing 41,000 Euro to the construction and furnishing of the "Children`s Village" education center and its long-term solar electricity supply as part of its ProCent workforce campaign.

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