"KISS" Stuttgart: Inclusion in Practice

Everything is easier as part of a team – which is why people form self-help groups in order to learn from each other's experiences and share viewpoints. The self-help contact office KISS was set up in Stuttgart in 1989. It serves as a point of contact and source of information for self-help groups that already exist and those that are interested in forming. The KISS initiative day, which is held every three years, helps the various different self-help groups form a strong network with each other.

KISS helps interested people and groups with the first steps of getting set up, and also supports their further development. As a result, the KISS home page provides access to more than 500 Stuttgart-based self-help groups, 80% of which are health-related. In addition to a number of new design aspects, the new home page should above all meet the criteria of BITV 2.0, the regulation for creating barrier-free IT in Germany. The text on the KISS page is to made briefer and more to the point. Daimler is contributing EUR 5,000 to the implementation of KISS's new, disability-friendly home page as part of its ProCent initiative.

Homepage KISS Stuttgart

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