The Danube Sinkhole Daimler supports youth project

The 2015 summer camp for young people aged 14 or over is supposed to be just the beginning. The aim of the cooperation between the Tuttlingen Adult Education Center, the town of Immendingen, and the schools in the Immendingen region is to make ecology fun and come alive. It's all happening at the site of the Danube Sinkhole - a natural phenomenon in the Upper Danube Natural Park.

At various points between Immendingen and Möhringen and at Fridingen, almost all of the Danube's water sinks right down into the riverbed and flows into underground caverns, before finally surfacing again in Aachtopf.The young participants have the task of using their ideas to arouse the interest of visitors from all age groups - under the guidance of a stream biologist, a physician, a forest manager, and an outdoor educator - the aim being to raise awareness of the Danube Sinkhole on a national level. In addition to gathering ideas, learning, and creating their own experiences, the participants are encouraged to implement their ideas creatively and have fun. By way of example, the summer camp will feature contests, water fights, night walks, quarry visits, and cave hikes.

The town of Immendingen is supporting the students with the implementation of their ideas - by enlisting the help of the municipal construction yard, for example, to remove dirt and silt from the sinkhole, clear the riverside areas and the upstream island, and then replant these areas. Due to the high cost of this project, the Adult Education Center is dependent on additional financial support. As part of its social commitment, Daimler is helping to implement this project. With the new Testing and Technology Center, due to start work in 2017, Daimler is an important partner to the region and is now also sponsoring the action needed to maintain the legendary Danube Sinkhole.

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