Learning to see, marvel and experience – the "Fishmobile"

Experience species of fish and bodies of water at first hand: the Fishmobile gives children and adults the extraordinary opportunity to find out about native species of fish and bodies of water and, within the context of environmental and nature conservation, learn how to handle the various species of fish and bodies of water responsibly. The Fishmobile is designed and operated by the Baden-Württemberg Fishermen's Association.

Still waters

It is designed to take school classes to visit a nearby body of water and introduce them to the topics through the medium of nature and outdoor education. The topic groups for this are specially prepared for the different age groups and include running water, standing water, different fish species, and fishing. Equipment on board the Fishmobile includes viewing and transport tanks for fish, microscopes, and an analysis kit for analyzing bodies of water.

Small carp

This project, which is unique in Germany, is partly financed by fisheries tax funds. The events are offered free of charge. The project is therefore dependent on partners for financial support. Daimler is supporting the project with a donation for the purchase of a vehicle with the necessary equipment. To demonstrate the necessity of environmental and resource preservation, the Fishmobile is a low-emission, resource-efficient vehicle. The vehicle sets a good example and is equipped with state-of-the-art ecofriendly technology. The Fishmobile is scheduled to enter service in April 2015.

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