Nature studies and early environmental education Daimler supports the Momberg environmental and nature conservation group

How do the vegetables actually find their way onto my plate? What must be sown and when to ensure a good, fresh harvest? What native plant and animal species live on and in the water, and how do these develop? Children and young people these days often only have a limited knowledge of nature.

From spring 2015, Umwelt- und Naturschutzgruppe Momberg e.V. - an environmental and nature conservation group - is therefore planning to create an educational garden and pond on an old meadow of fruit trees to teach children of a young age about the fundamentals of healthy eating and environmental aspects.

Teaching garden with teaching pond

An educational pond allows children to observe native plants and animal species over a certain period of time to awaken interest in and understanding of the "water habitat". With the help of the educational garden, children get acquainted with the different types of fruit and vegetables, and become familiar with the particular features of the plants. Nature studies are not just about the ecological context, however, they also deal with the whole concept of health and nutrition education. The municipalities have limited funds, which often do not stretch to financing activities of this kind. Sponsors from the business world are therefore a must. As part of its social commitment, Daimler is paying for the cost of the educational garden that will be permanently available to several hundred children from Momberg in future.

We support environmental organizations We consider it our contribution to making sure the Earth remains a place worth living in.

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