Road safety initiative MobileKids: the winners of the school competition

To develop creative learning formats for safely negotiating the route to and from school – that was the objective of the MobileKids school competition 2017. A total of 46 school classes took part in the competition and submitted projects in the four categories Creative Workshop, School Route Planning, Traffic Knowledge and Cycling Safety. The winners were four school classes from Bavaria, Saxony and Thuringia.

Participants in the category creative workshop are happy to have won the price.

Daimler's MobileKids road safety initiative has been in existence for 16 years and prepares children for negotiating the challenges of road traffic. Schoolchildren aged between six and ten years learn how to identify traffic hazards in a timely manner. Advertising-free school materials for road safety education have been made available at no charge by Daimler since 2011. The MobileKids school campaign also rewards several schools each year in acknowledgement of their efforts to promote greater road safety. And these are the winning projects:

Winner in the Creative Workshop category

Class 4c from Eichendorff Primary School in Veitshöchheim, District of Würzburg, was the winner in the Creative Workshop category with their film "Emergency Landing on Earth". The main characters in the film are aliens, made of plasticine by the children themselves, who make an emergency landing on Earth in search of fuel and who, as pedestrians, have to come to terms with the challenges of road traffic.

Safe on the way to school - school children who participated in the project "School route planning".

Winner in the School Route Planning category

Having analysed the hazards along the traffic routes leading to the Primary School in Regina-Ullmann-Strasse in Munich, the schoolchildren participating in the "Safe Way to School" project visualised all their observations in a "Road Map for the Way to School" and presented this to parents in the form of notices at the individual hazard points. This makes the journey to and from school safer.

Winner in the Traffic Knowledge category

The schoolchildren from the Evangelical Primary School in Frankenthal busied themselves with the "Fit and safe for the daily school journey" questionnaire from MobileKids and processed it further. In doing so, the six- to seven-year-olds had fun while learning about traffic signs, traffic rules and how to deal carefully with other road users.

Fit and save for the way to school every day - who knows how to behave correct?

Winner in the Cycling Safety category

Teachers and schoolchildren from Erich Kästner Primary School in Gera took part in a four-day training course at the cycling practice ground in order to prepare for their cycling proficiency test. The children learned, based on both theory and practice, how to safely negotiate traffic roundabouts and get around obstacles.

The documentation of the implemented projects provides every primary school class and institution in Germany with the opportunity to participate in the MobileKids school campaign. The Germany-wide MobileKids school campaign will continue in 2018. For the 2017/2018 school year, primary school classes can submit their applications, now for the eighth time, on the MobileKids homepage starting in autumn 2017.

The winning classes each won a MobileKids school bus training session. The purpose of the training is to teach the children, in a playful way, how to conduct themselves safely on the way to and from school, at bus stops and inside school buses.

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Accident-free driving? For us it is not just about using suitable systems to relieve the burden on drivers, protect them and support them in hazardous situations. We want to ensure the safety of all road users.

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