MobileKids Educational materials for elementary schools and nationwide contest.

Traffic safety in school – exciting and fun to learn. The MobileKids educational material helps elementary school teachers in organising the MobileKids School Days, the nationwide school contest.

However, the educational material is also designed to be easily integrated as a stand-alone subject into the curriculum of the federal states and the learning units on traffic education anchored therein. The material addresses key aspects of traffic safety that are particularly relevant and interesting for elementary school students, and bundles these into five modules. In addition to a teacher’s manual, the material includes:

  • Module 1: See and be seen

Next to hearing, seeing is a crucial basis for being safe in traffic. The module is intended to train children’s visual perception system.

  • Module 2: Crossing the street

Many children begin to roam farther afield in their activities when they start school, and are increasingly out and about on their own. The module is intended to help kids develop an anticipatory risk awareness for traffic.

  • Module 3: Riding your bike

Bicycling kids move in a traffic environment that focuses little on their needs. Motorists don’t always anticipate kids to be present and thus can easily overlook them. In addition, children are often not up to the challenges of flowing traffic. The module is intended to make children fit for riding their bikes.

  • Module 4: Being a part of traffic

Contrary to adults, children have less control over their behaviour in traffic due to their strong urge to move. The module is intended to teach children to be mindful of other road users.

  • Module 5: Mobility of the future

The modules 1-4 are intended to teach children the necessary skills to be safe in traffic. Module 5 teaches them about the past development of mobility and is supposed to entice them to take a look at the future of mobility.

The educational material was developed in cooperation with the Koblenz-Landau University, and revised together with publisher Klett MINT.

The educational material is supplemented with the MobileKids School Days, a nationwide school contest. It evaluates and honours the commitment of schools and classes. The educational material and contests are tailored to each other.

Many of the 15,000 elementary schools realise creative and individual projects in class or during project weeks. The best submitted ideas are awarded a prize and presented on the website. Among the prizes are a school bus training or bicycle helmets, for example.

The 2013/2014 contest intends to establish a project that offers a lasting added value for the school – even beyond the MobileKids School Days.

Topic 2012/2013: “My village, my city, my surroundings: how can we be safe in traffic where we live?”

Topic 2011/2012: “How do I get to school, what challenges will I face along the way and how can I master them?”

Accident-free driving? For us it is not just about using suitable systems to relieve the burden on drivers, protect them and support them in hazardous situations. We want to ensure the safety of all road users.

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