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All over the world, children are among the road users who are most at risk and need to be protected. Daimler's MobileKids initiative was established in 2001. It uses a uniform concept, adapted for use in different countries, to prepare children for the dangers they will encounter on the roads in a fun and interactive way.

The MobileKids initiative contributes to the protection of children by providing in-depth road safety education. Between the age of six and ten, girls and boys are starting to become independent road users. It is therefore important to practise cautious behaviour on the roads with them, and to make them aware of possible dangers.

MobileKids offers comprehensive information free of charge and raises awareness for the necessity of accident prevention among children and adults alike using high-quality learning materials and internet-based applications. In Germany, the MobileKids School Days programme supports and promotes road safety and mobility education in primary schools. Teachers can access free materials that contain no advertising to accompany the programme or for their regular road safety lessons.

The contents of the teaching materials also provide a template for international activities. In China, for example, the material was adapted to country-specific requirements and used in schools. Initially it was used in working groups, since both the topic and the teaching method were completely new to the country. Other subjects also welcomed the ability to adapt individual modules without having to follow a strict lesson plan. This approach is contributing to the development of a new concept of information provision. The MobileKids concepts are also being taught at the Moki City road safety eduction park, which opened in Beijing in 2012. Three other cities are set to follow.

A large MobileKids road safety park has opened in Hungary. A range of different events is being staged, and Mercedes dealerships have introduced MobileKids corners. In Turkey, MobileKids has become established with the specially designed truck tour Traffic Firefly, which teaches road safety to children at their own schools. To accompany their various initiatives, all three countries have their own websites which provide details of specific activities.

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Accident-free driving? For us it is not just about using suitable systems to relieve the burden on drivers, protect them and support them in hazardous situations. We want to ensure the safety of all road users.

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