Supporting basic medical care in Cambodia

Some things that are taken for granted in Germany are an unaffordable luxury for people in crisis-ridden areas and war zones — for example preventive medical care and the successful treatment of illnesses and disease. The Friedensdorf (peace village) initiative was established in 1967 in order to provide such medical assistance. The initiative’s mission is to help people get healthy and thus have the opportunity to enjoy a better life.

Daimler’s ProCent campaign is supporting the initiative in the Cambodian community of Ampil Krau, where a medical base station with a sanitary facility was built with the help of ProCent. The station ensures that children and teenagers from this community no longer need to travel long distances in order to receive basic medical care. Besides offering vaccination programs and providing wound treatment and obstetrics services, the station also performs minor operations. Friedensdorf is thus playing a major role in the long-term improvement of health care in remote Cambodian provinces.

Thanks to the extensive support and willingness to donate, it’s now possible for us to provide medical care to more than 7,000 people in the Ampil Krau region.

Thomas Jacobs, Head of Friedensdorf International

The Friedensdorf International organization was established on the basis of humanitarian and social responsibility. The basic mission of this aid organization is to provide individual medical assistance and implement the basic principles of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights regarding the peaceful coexistence of all peoples. The organization has hundreds of committed volunteers who work on the projects of Friedensdorf International.

Thanks to this initiative, approximately 1,000 children from crisis-ridden areas and war zones receive medical treatment each year in Germany and in the countries where Friedensdorf International has projects. Sick and seriously wounded children who cannot receive medical help in their home countries come to Germany for treatment. The treatment is provided in hospitals all over Germany and is generally free of charge.

Until their return to their respective homelands, the children are housed and cared for in the aid organization’s center in Oberhausen.

Since 2002, Friedensdorf International and its Cambodian partner Chau Kim Heng have helped to improve basic medical care in Cambodia through measures such as the construction of medical base stations. Chau Kim Heng studied in Germany. As a result, he has been able to comprehensively and effectively support the project and the intercultural cooperation it requires.

Thomas Jacobs, the Head of Friedensdorf International, says, “Thanks to the extensive support and willingness to donate, it’s now possible for us to provide medical care to more than 7,000 people in the Ampil Krau region.”

Daimler ProCent donated € 45,000 for the construction of the medical base station.

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